A Measure of Quality | Formal Approval

Accreditation means an institution and programs it offers meet certain standards of educational quality and is being continually reviewed to uphold those standards. AUi Foundation is partnered with institutions committed to continuous improvement and providing high-quality education to all of our students.

AUi Foundation Partner Institutions Various Types of Accreditation


Transnational Education (TNE) – refers to all types of higher education study programmes or educational services (including distance education) in which the learners are located in a country different from the one where the awarding institution is based. The student does not move to study in other countries, they study in their home country, but the credentials are awarded in the name of the foreign institution.


Overseas institutions delivering Transnational Education (TNE) programmes in partnership with AUi Foundation are recognized by all countries with participating students (i.e Togo, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, etc.), certificates issued by these institutions are recognized in the home country of the students for various licensing, standardization and employment, also these certificates are recognized for community service i.e NYSC in Nigeria and others. 

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